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Having a pet is without a doubt very rewarding, however it can be a demanding work as well. If you’re well prepared, do some research and you should love your pets unconditionally because caring shouldn’t be back-breaking. Follow these pet-care tips in order for you to ensure that you will keep them healthy and happy. These tips are intended as a helpful resource for those new pet-owners or those who plan to get their first dog or cat. Most of the experienced pet-owners already know most of these details which includes the following:

Drinks and Foods

– Ensure that your pet-animal has an easy access to a fresh and clean water. Replace the water every day.

– For cat owners, feed them at least twice a day with a quality premium cat food. Provide them one dry meal food and one tinned meal food. Do not give them milk or dog foods.

– For dog owners, feed them at least once or twice a day, but only use quality premium foods. Ensure to mix moist tinned, dry biscuits foods and pet food for dogs in their meal.


– Provide your pet-animal natural daily supplement in order to help boost and improve his/her immune system. This can help them avoid the many minor common illnesses.

– Give your pet-animal a periodic supplement such as anti-parasite. You shouldn’t underestimate the dangers brought by worms.

– Give them a natural health solution in order to keep the mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas off your pet-animals.

– All these natural solution and supplement can be bought on any pet store.


– It’s very crucial to train your pet-animals. Obedient pet-animals won’t soil and bite on your house, jump on the guests, chew on things, or ruin your couch. They will become more hygienic and will less likely be involved in accidents and fights. Once they are trained, you can give them much more freedom by knowing that they are trained and can already be trusted.

– For cats, they should be toilet-trained as soon as possible as well as trained that scratching post is the only place for them to sharpen their claws.

Playing and Exercise

– Dogs should have their exercise every day. Ideally, it should be twice daily. Just let them run around your yard or spend them walking with them which is also a good exercise for you.

– The cats that are kept indoors should have a litter tray and this should be changed every day. Cats can sufficiently have their own exercise if you will let them out the house on each day. However, you still need to keep an eye on them as letting them out your house includes a lot danger for them. Make sure to keep them inside your house from dusk until dawn.

– Be mindful of your pet-animals’ attitude and weight to food. If you notice that they are getting overweight, then immediately cut down the amount of foods given to them by little, and give them much better exercise. If they are off their food entirely, there are some underlying health problems that you need to give attention.

– Ensure that you pet-animal has a number of toys to play with. Dogs usually love rubber balls or bones for them to chew and those squeaky toys as well. On the other hand, cat love to play with scratching towers string, balls, and toy mice.

– Take enough time to know your pet-animal more deeply. By the time you already know you pet’s physical appearance and character you can easily spot or find illnesses or injuries that are developing in them.


– Pet grooming is very important for all cats and dogs. Long-haired cats should be groomed more often as compared to the short-haired breeds. However, you still need to groom you short-haired pets too. Cats and dogs both liked to be caressed and stroked always. This is a great bonding exercise that can also let you examine any problems in your pet’s skin and hair.

– Dogs are needed to be periodically bathed and you should use special shampoo made for them for this purpose as human shampoos and shower gels will only irritate their skin. Bathing should be done at least once every 3 months. Keep in mind that their skin will also be irritated if you will bathe them too often. For cats, you shouldn’t bathe them as they clean themselves.


– Neuter/Spray your animal. The neutered pets are better behaved and do not contribute to many homeless dogs and cats. Cats and dogs that haven’t been neutered will be at the call and beck on their hormones. They may roam wide and far looking for a partner to mate and most probably get into fights and road accidents.